Who We Are?

We provide goods and services in the field of telecommunications, one of which is to overcome the problem of HP signal boosters. We specialize in GSM cellular signal booster solutions 2G, 3G, 4G for a wide range of applications and complaints both voice and data hp signals such as no Signal, Low Signal, Drop Call (putuputus), Low Data, throughput and provide a variety of HP signal booster devices to suit your needs. We also handle special installation for your area, because we serve the installation to all cities in Indonesia.

In addition, we also serve IBC Design & Implementation services, Combat Installations that are usually needed when there are outdoor events that require a stable signal, BTS Telecom Installations where we also provide that service for areas that require cellular signals. We promote the quality of service products and services in the field of telecommunications. In addition to promoting professionalism, our team is supported by excellent RF (radio frequency) knowledge because we are partners of several leading cellular operators such as telkomsel, indosat and others so that the results received can be scientifically justified.