Core Business

Our Services

User Complaint Handling

Using Tools checking our team will meet costumer, analyzing and solving the problem

DT Benchmarking

Route Checking with in or outside the City to check comparation between provider to provide requirement from Ministry Department

DAS Installation

Provides products and services for installation and maintenance throughout Indonesia

Radio Frequency Optimization

Maintain the cellular provider network so that the service is maximized


Providing products that have been certified by the KOMINFO ministry to help customers get the maximum signal


Making and providing portable BTS devices to fulfill coverage in temporary area

Lampsite Maintenance

Handles problems that occur on lampsite devices

Developing Dashboard & Application

Create a dashboard according to user needs, also Create and maintain dashboards according to user needs


Provide a document needs for the requirements for installing Tower or Portable BTS (COMBAT)

Solar Power System

Consultation on solar panel system design, installation and connection of solar panels to the electrical grid, solar panel maintenance, and replacement


Monitored, controlled, and optimized remotely, and can provide valuable data and insights for businesses and individuals.